Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf
Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf-Denis Baribault
The BILP is a cultural event showcasing works of professional artists exploring new ideas inspired by linen and flax, covering both technical and conceptual aspects. The subject of flax and linen is addressed through themes as varied as contemporary visual arts, crafts and design. The event takes place in different heritage sites of the Portneuf region every odd year, since 2005.
Period : No event in 2020
Region : Quebec City and Area

Ressource person : Dominique Roy
Email : info@biennaledulin.com
Site address : Different sites in the Portneuf region. Deschambault-Grondines QC - Québec G0A 1S0
Administrative address : 105, rue De Chavigny Deschambault-Grondines QC G0A 1S0
Phone : 819 376-8201

Website : www.biennaledulin.com

Foundation year : 2003

Categories :
  • Visual Arts and New Technology
  • Arts and Crafts
Characteristics :
  • There is a price for admission AND that price includes access to all activities
  • On-site picnic area
  • Accommodations within 20km
  • Campground within 20 km
  • Family activities
  • Guided tours
  • Welcome and information services in English
  • Products or services in English


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