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Artistes en Fête
Artistes en Fête
Artistes en Fête is a unique event that celebrates visual arts. More than forty artists will showcase their work in 30 exhibition booths made to look like small houses and also at the Old Presbyterian Art Gallery located in the heart of the village. Hundreds of originals pieces will be showcased. Bursaries and prizes will be awarded to the participating artists and visitors. Visiting the numerous exhibitions, meeting the artists and watching live outdoor creations are among the numerous activities offered to you during this event. Come stimulate your senses, fall in love with a work of art and who knows…you might have the joy of going back home with it.
Period : July 22 to 26, 2020
Region : Gaspésie

Ressource person : Colombe Dufour
Email : colombe.dufour@gmail.com
Site address : Centre culturel du Vieux Presbytère, 505, route de la Mer Sainte-Flavie QC - Québec G0J 2L0
Administrative address : 775, route Flavie-Drapeau Sainte-Flavie QC G0J 2L0
Phone : 418 785-2151

Website : www.sainte-flavie.net/attraits/evenements-a-ne-pas-manquer

Foundation year : 1996

Categories :
  • Visual Arts and New Technology
  • ?
Characteristics :
  • Completely free: admission AND activities
  • Accommodations within 20km
  • Campground within 20 km


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