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Festivals et Événements Québec (FEQ) and the Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec (SATQ) offer a wide range of services to meet the promotional and development needs of their sector.

Promotional services

Promotion is a priority service for the FEQ and the SATQ. Constant efforts are made to improve the performance of the promotional products in which members are advertised. Here is the list:

Training and networking services

Through a variety of tools and activities, the FEQ and the SATQ aim to offer, to all their members, opportunities for professional upgrading and discussion. Many possibilities are offered to organizations of all sizes and throughout Quebec, such as meetings and customized training sessions, by your peers or by experts.

  • Congrès excellence tourisme
  • Salon de L'Organisateur
  • Rendez-vous des festivals, événements et attractions touristiques
  • Quality of customer service (online diagnosis)
  • Support for sustainable development
  • Other training activities and tools

Representation services

The FEQ and the SATQ represent the largest network of attractions and events in Quebec. The associations take advantage of the strength in numbers to defend the interests of their sector. The goal of the representation services is to facilitate the work of network members. The associations discuss important issues with members of government and ensure visibility in the media.

  • Political and institutional representation
  • Representation with the media
  • Liability insurance for administrators - Free for FEQ members only
  • Prefered rates for Liability insurance (FEQ and SATQ)

Information and research services

In the information era, one of the great challenges is to be able to discern what information is relevant and up to date. The FEQ and the SATQ propose being the eyes and ears of their members. The associations send members content that directly concerns them, be it from original publications or from reliable sources.

  • Research services
  • Industry bulletin Attractions et Événements
  • Member Zone on the Internet site (Extranet)

Member recognition services

The FEQ and the SATQ are committed to recognizing the quality of the actions and achievements of their members. Their exceptional work is acknowledged before the whole tourism industry at a gala evening that is held during the Congrès excellence tourisme.

  • Prix excellence tourisme
  • Prix de la commandite Loto-Québec

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