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Who are we?

Respectively founded in 1975 and 1992, Festivals et Événements Québec (FEQ) and the Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec (SATQ) are two non-profit organizations working in the leisure and tourism industries. Through a wide range of varied and adapted services, the FEQ and the SATQ wish to offer support to the organizations in their sector so they can develop quality products and services. The FEQ and the SATQ also offer highly attractive promotional opportunities in successful venues such as the Québec Vacation Guide and Close to 500 festivals, events, attractions and tourist corporations expressed their confidence in us by joining the ranks of our associations.


To bring together Quebec festivals, events and tourist attractions, to promote them, to represent them with various authorities, and to offer services that enhance their development.

Organizational vision

As recognized and representative sectoral tourism associations and as a provincial recreational organization, FEQ and the SATQ want to be references on the subject of festivals, events and tourist attractions for organizers and managers, private and tourist association workers, government authorities, the media, educational bodies and the population in general. They are leaders in the promotion of tourist, cultural and recreational activities in Quebec and local purchasing. They also provide competitive, effective, innovative and profitable products and services.


  • Be useful to members

This value expresses the need to respond satisfactorily to the needs of members. To achieve this, the FEQ and the SATQ must be constantly attentive to their members and their needs and must be innovative in their actions.

  • Have accessible services for all types of members

The FEQ and the SATQ must feature a range of basic services for all their members, and do so without discrimination. Moreover, their additional-cost services must offer a range of prices favouring, as much as possible, accessibility.

  • Foster solidarity and team spirit among members

By establishing common goals, by fostering networking and by emphasizing the complementarity of the actions with all the stakeholders and partners in the industry, the FEQ and the SATQ encourage the sharing of resources and energies within their network.

  • Encourage partnership with all the leisure and tourism industry organizations

By facilitating contacts and concerted action among their members and partners from other sectors of the tourism industry, the FEQ and the SATQ must demonstrate in their actions, products and services a commitment to integrating the tourist attractions and festivals within the tourism industry.

  • Operate according to the principles of a social economy enterprise

Be inspiring and entrepreneurial NPOs that provide their products and services with a continual concern for efficiency and competitiveness while prioritizing services to members and the community.

  • Encourage adherence to the principles of sustainable development

The FEQ and the SATQ must aim to comply with the objectives pertaining to the three aspects of sustainable development-environmental, social and economical and must encourage their members to do the same.


  • Promote festivals and tourist attractions in synergy with other partners. 
  • Foster accessibility to information and networking.
  • Defend the interests of the members and ensure the recognition of the sector.
  • Foster quality, development and best practices.
  • Have a good and realistic knowledge of the sector.
  • Ensure good management of the associations.

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